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Las Vegas, NV
Like a modern day El Dorado, Las Vegas glimmers as a self-sustaining oasis from the rest of Nevada’s desert landscape. Instead of ponds, wells, and sparse foliage, this oasis is made of Wynn structures, Trump towers, Roman palaces, and even King Arthur’s trusty accoutrement. Las Vegas is every gamer’s dream; but other than that it still has several noteworthy attractions that are to be found only in its eclectic - yet still glitzy - streets. It’s easy to get inspired with lots of wedding chapels, Michelin-star studded fancy restaurants, and nouvelle stages for entertainment. Las Vegas may very well be known as the planet’s most dynamic and most spectacular city, now home to at least nineteen of the world’s largest and most extravagant hotels.

Las Vegas Hotels are as flamboyant as their facades. Inside travelers are likely to find no-expense-spared gaming alleys and casinos, luring in a rather hefty 37 million gold-hungry tourists each year. Nevada’s one true gold mine may be drowning in superlatives, but it’s best to visit the area to see that exclamations and words aren’t enough. First-time visitors can now expect ostentatious and elegantly built high-end properties dotting the legendary strip. The trend is no longer about replica cities or fantasy-centered castles and pyramids, but traces can be found in some few ‘outdated’ blocks. The fast-paced trends are what make the city exciting, and tourists can expect only the best from Las Vegas hotels. It is almost impossible to find inexpensive rooms that are worth the buck, but a few hundred dollars more and you’re assured of premium amenities, luxurious rooms, and never-ending fine dining through great value buffets.

Tourists come to the city primarily to gamble. Despite its reputation for being a gold mine of sorts, Las Vegas actually offers free entrances to casinos, and all are open throughout the day. Consider the city as one long Legendary Strip - everywhere you turn you’ll find something new, grand, and exciting. From the main airport terminal of McCarran tourists can ride a monorail and head to The Strip. From this part travelers already have excellent Las Vegas hotels to choose from, such as The Four Seasons and Mandalay Bay. At present, there are more than 140,000 rooms in all of the Las Vegas Hotels combined, but this grand number easily fills up throughout the year. Those on a tight budget should consider booking in advance, as more than 200,000 thousand people head to this glitzy mirage each weekend. There’s no guarantee you’ll find a cheap room, but one tried and tested way to get a discount is by visiting the city during the week. Las Vegas Hotels can offer you around $50 less than what they usually charge during weekends. But if these are not a problem, travelers can choose from several glamorous options, starting from the Bellagio’s extremely plush and luxurious European rooms. Caesars Palace and MGM Grand remain a favorite in the heart of the strip. Circus Circus is famous among budget travelers, and kids will love the theme park and the cyclical circus acts.

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