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Denver, CO
Before the cascade of the Colorado’s skyline transitions to the Rocky Mountains and the greater American West, travelers will find the Mile High City of Denver. The city has long been serving as a gateway for travelers who wish to have an adventure in the Rocky Mountains. Although long known as the Mile High City, the rest of the city is relatively flat. Views of the cascading Front Rage provide a stunning backdrop in all points of Denver.

At present, the city has evolved into an enjoyable and welcoming tourist destination. Tourism is largely based on Colorado’s great outdoors, which range from endless fun from white water rafting to hikes in the stunning mountains. Denver International Airport alone offers a sigh to behold. Located 24 miles from downtown Denver, the airport features an ultra-high-tech façade and amenities. From the airport, Boulder and SkyRide buses can take passengers to downtown Denver. Many ski resorts can also be visited from this point. Hotels can also arrange for shuttle transportation offers for free, so it’s best to book one of the better Denver Hotels way in advance. The city has a good selection of central Denver Hotels, ranging from homey bed-and-breakfasts to motels and high-end historic accommodations. Along Colfax Avenue tourists will find budget-friendly deals with plenty of chain hostels surrounding the area. Alongside many cross-town highways are other familiar names such as Broadway Plaza. Found within walking distance from downtown, the Broadway Plaza Motel offers friendly rates, free parking, and large, clean rooms. If you want to stay in style, head to 17th street’s Brown Palace Hotel. The gorgeous downtown landmark hotel features elegant public areas, classy dining rooms, and stunning rooms. The eight-story features an impeccable design that will leave onlookers awestruck.

Another lovely Denver hotel is the Queen Anne Inn along Tremont Place. Te BNB has a central location and features hospitable hosts. Guests can step outside, catch a carriage ride, and experience an elegant way to see the city. See a sandstone property with the Capitol Hill Mansion’s stunning façade. The turreted Victorian property is another luxurious bed and breakfast that features antique-furnished rooms with modern whirlpool tubs. All of these are close to the shops and restaurants of downtown. The revitalized lower Downtown features a Victorian set-up, with original log cabins to be found. Architecture is varied and affords guests days or weeks of strolling. The Denver Art Museum is a fresh take on modern architecture with glass tile-covered exteriors and smartly executed exhibits. Kids will love the Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the enormous City Park, and a waterslide park and zoo can be found nearby. For adults there’s Coors’ factory, which is known as the largest brewery in the world. Beer fans can have 90-minute tours around the area, and get pampered with the tasting session of numerous products. LoDo district also features plenty of avenues for musical happenings, nightlife, and entertainment. The 9000-person capacity venue of Red Rocks Amphitheater is another sight to behold. There’s plenty of places to see and things to do while in the city, and its best to book for one of the many Denver hotels that offer proximity to all these.

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